Human360° offers incomparable target group knowledge and real human understanding. Our segmentation categorizes all 18+ Finns in terms of values, lifestyles and for instance the use of media. Human360° reaches the right target groups for your services.


We profile your customers

We attach the segmentation information also to your customer register. You will be able to acquaint yourself with your customer´ lifestyle in a totally new way. You will recognize their attitude to food, health, values, media use, exercise, travel!
Target groups, segments and the understanding about them are, however, useless if you cannot use this information in a sensible way. This is why Human360° includes also education, training and strategy in, for example, the planning of services development and marketing. The consultants of Insight360 are at your service.

We provide the right contacts

We generate accurate audiences from all targetable adult Finns. A smartly created audience can be reached on several channels. Would you like to contact by an addressed letter, an unaddressed leaflet, by phone, a newsletter or targeted online marketing?
Human360° is applicable to every corporation and business wanting to have valuable encounters – reach the right people whom the message appeals to and touches.

Human360° promises results.

The Human360° segmentations are developed in a meticulous, planned process. For each field of business, the segmentation arrays are developed out of genuine human understanding and research information.

The information is accessible in manuals and a user interface included in the service. In one map view, you are able to see the geographic distribution of the segments and to find the special characteristics of the target group. Just pick you campaign audience with one tool.

The segmentations are always based on surveys with extensive samplings and in the analyzing phase on thousands of variables. They are developed to expose the values, attitudes and lifestyles guiding the behavior. Knowledge of the field of business as well as capability to perceive the values and attitudes are required.
Context + understanding = intelligence.

You can take advantage of by us implemented, completed segmentations according to your needs and interests. Completed segmentations can be enriched with responds to your precision questions.
How about us implementing a complete package for you?

Insight360 is able to create a tailor-made segmentation meeting the issues of your field of business and your company.

A consumer is not a one-dimensional caricature. A consumer is not a purchasing process. A consumer is a person – an entire bundle of matters affecting behavior. We will reveal the factors behind and you will find your potential audiences.

Web analytics inform widely about the visitors´ movements in your online services. We´ll tell you who they are!
The ones visiting your main page and the ones visiting your subpages, which segments do they come under?
What kind of lifestyle conversion degrees are the best in your web shop?
A follow-up and profiling of the online traffic can be ordered, also as a separate service.

Next step: you will be able to target your online campaign directly to this segment. The Human360° segments can be found in programmatic buying tools, like AdForm and DoubleClick.

A long-term collaboration provides the best advantage of the segmentation information. At Insight360, an ongoing optimization is the way we get the work done.
The foundation pillars of utilizing the Human360° services are consultancy and training. They are available for both management and staff members doing the day-to-day work. The objective is management by genuine knowledge.

The result is a functional, considered strategy and targeted communication.
The work is based on well-planned information, not on assumptions.